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Our mailer currently reaches an average of 30,000 households every month.
Cities that we go every month:
We rotate a few of these cities to the distribution:

The Largest Publication distributed to every home in the west of Oregon


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Connecting Businesses with the Local Community

Since 2009, we’ve assisted businesses of all sizes in reaching new customers through print advertising.
Local magazines often cater to specific interests or communities. By advertising in them, you can reach an audience that is passionate about local topics or hobbies.
Print ads provide a tangible experience. Readers can touch and hold physical advertisements, making them more memorable and leaving a lasting impression.
In a magazine, your ad has a chance to stand out among other content. It’s not lost in a sea of digital ads, increasing its visibility.
Unlike online pop-ups or banners, people don’t fear print ads. They’re seen as less intrusive and more trustworthy.
Magazines tend to stay in circulation longer than digital content. Your ad can be seen repeatedly over time.
Consistent magazine advertising helps build brand recognition and familiarity with your business2..
Being featured in a reputable local magazine lends credibility to your brand, as readers trust the publication as a reliable source1..
Print advertising need not be exclusive. By cross-promoting online ads with print marketing, you can diversify your audience and reach all demographics. The more visibility you have across different channels, the better!
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